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    Your Future Now Hiring

    Your Future Now Hiring! Doesn’t the sound of “Your Future Now Hiring“, have a great ring to it? Then isn’t it time to consider a new career. With the economy on an upswing, there’s never been a better time to start your training path in Dental Assisting.  Did you know that you can become a Dental Assistant

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    Why Dental Assisting?

    Why Dental Assisting?  Have you thought about Dental Assisting? No, although I DO want a career in Health care, and NEED my weekends OFF! Dental Assisting provides that! Oh wow! Not to mention you to work in a family like environment! Are you saying I will love to show up EVERYDAY, even on a MONDAY!!?? YES

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    New Years Resolution

    New Years Resolution 2017 Have you thought about your 2017 New Years Resolution? Answers these simple questions. Have you considered a NEW career path? Do you enjoy working with people?  Are you happy with what you're doing now? No matter what you answered, take a few moments to stop by and visit us at the all