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    Dental Assisting with Friends!

    Dental Assisting with Friends! Hellooo Central Florida!! On Sunday, October 22 @ 12:00pm we are hosting Dental Assisting with Friends! I am sure you are wondering what is Dental Assisting with Friends and why would I waste my Sunday, My Day OFF, the holy day, to Drive to Sanford? I know, We are asking for

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    Orlando, Dental Is Calling You!

    Orlando, Dental Is Calling You! Hello Orlando! When you think of Orlando what comes to mind first? Typically Disney World, Universal Studios and a growing population. But why not a career in Dental Assisting, and calling our beautiful City home for the long term, not only a short vacation when the weather is too cold

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    It’s about Perspective

    It’s about Perspective When was the last time you asked yourself what your next step forward is? If you’re unsure then NOW is a great time to gain some new perspective. At AAA School of Dental Assisting, let us help you gain a new perspective on a great new career. You’re wondering how will a

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    Hands-On Training!

    Who Loves Hands-On Training?! Who wants to learn out of a Book? Not Me! Not Me!…Please!! Hands-On for ME! Yes some textbook is necessary when learning dental assisting, But the majority of your time training you need to touch, see, smell the supplies, instruments and Operatory! I can smell it now, like latex and Saliva

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    First Impressions and why Your Teeth Matter! My Teeth, Who is looking at those? Welllllll, more than you know! In Fact One-Third of Americans say Teeth are what they look at first and 48% say a SMILE is THE most memorable part of First impressions. SO, when you ask yourself, do my teeth and smile

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    Your Future Now Hiring

    Your Future Now Hiring! Doesn’t the sound of “Your Future Now Hiring“, have a great ring to it? Then isn’t it time to consider a new career. With the economy on an upswing, there’s never been a better time to start your training path in Dental Assisting.  Did you know that you can become a Dental Assistant

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    Why Dental Assisting?

    Why Dental Assisting?  Have you thought about Dental Assisting? No, although I DO want a career in Health care, and NEED my weekends OFF! Dental Assisting provides that! Oh wow! Not to mention you to work in a family like environment! Are you saying I will love to show up EVERYDAY, even on a MONDAY!!?? YES

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    Teamwork Makes The Dream work!

    AAA School of Dental Assisting Teamwork! Teamwork: “the combined action of a group of people, especially when effective and efficient“. The combined action of people, who are these people? Effective and Efficient, what does that actually mean? Helllooo Florida!! We are “these people” and by the Effective and Efficient actions we take in the wake

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    Enroll Now Classes Start Soon

    Enroll Now Classes Start Soon! Did you know that the classes begin March 21st? With seats filling up fast, let us know what questions you have? We’re always available at AAA School of Dental Assisting to answer any question you have. Here are all the ways you can talk with us today, Chat Live on AAASoDA.com –