2018 Goals Now!!

Who’s Ready to Set 2018 Goals Now?

Happy Holidays Central Florida!! I know it’s crazy, we are setting 2018 goals now! That means 2017 is over? Where did the year go? Lets reflect on 2017, what goals were set at the beginning of this year, and how many actually accomplished? If you’re like me, not as many as I would’ve liked, if am being honest! Lets not make the same mistake in 2018, lets set realistic, short term goals, that will have an immediate positive impact on our lives! Right, how hard is that to think of? It’s extremely difficult, so here is a quick tip to guide you on the right path of success in 2018!

Short term Hands-On Training into a beautifully rewarding New life!

The best part is 2018 Goals Nowthe training is fun, and you make friends in the process, so you’re not on this journey alone! Here it is, Dental Assisting, YES, Dental Assisting, and not any old Dental Assisting Training, AAA School of Dental Assisting Training! Yes, AAA SoDA, the number ONE EFDA training in the country! You will have so much fun in this training process you wont want to leave, and you don’t have to! After your 90 Day training, that’s either TWO days, or ONE day a week, is completed, and you start your career, we love for you to come back and speak with the new EFDA’s in training!

SO, if you are like me and want real change in our lives, that’s realistic and only 90 Days to hit that 2018 goal, then shoot us a email Anthony@aaasoda.com or if you know you’re ready, take your hand and dial (407)324-0960 and begin your life now!


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