The 90-Day Consistency Challenge!

How this 90-Day Consistency Challenge will change your life!

First off lets define the word, and then dive deeper, Consistency:the achievement of a level of performance that does not vary greatly in quality over time“. Lets dive deeper to have a better understanding and how we may apply this amazing skill on a daily basis. First, recognize that consistency is a learned skill, and it will take time to fully implement in all aspects of your life,

“you are not striving for perfection, there is no such thing”.

challengeGreat, now that we understand this is a skill, and anyone is able to learn a new skill, that means the whole family can play in the 90-Day Challenge! Time to get started!! In this 90-day Consistency challenge pick only 5 productive daily habits. Choose your first 5 from acts that you always talked about and sometimes did but never consistently completed (EX. not drinking soda, having more time for the kids, leisure education such as reading, going to the gym) these are a few examples to spur your own ideas! Once you’ve chosen the 5 life improvement actions you want to become consistent with in the 90 days.

Now write them each down on a blank sheet of paper, and block out the 90 days on each sheet starting with that days date, and the ending date of the 90 days.

Now that your overall life improvement tracker is made you want to make sure you aren’t cheating, so create a note in your phone with the list  of the life actions and every time you complete the action input + and when it’s not completed input /, also please note the time, this is important for your overall home tracking sheet. After 14 days of tracking progress in your phone, in addition to writing in your life improvement tracker sheet at home with either + or / , and the times the actions happened.

Now we are able to strategize how we will improve on what’s already a positive step forward!

Main points to look for when making our strategy moving forward with the next 14 days, look at the times we performed each actions and do they vary( EX. was the action  + at 1pm and the next day the same action was done at 2:30 and was /). Look at why that may have occurred, and if you see a pattern that 1pm is always  + then lets schedule at 1pm from now on, use this same technique with all 5 life improvements. Once that’s implemented we will repeat this strategy adjustments every 14 days to ensure the most + marks as possible!

Take this challenge with your family and friends, and then compare after the 90 days to see how everyone did.

Talk as a team for tips, and possibly new ways that you didn’t think of. This simple, yet fun challenge, is a great way to take a major leap forward in life with achieving your personal goals! Consistency is key, so repeat this exercise every 90 days, and any life improvement action that didn’t fair that well in the previous 90 days, roll them over to the next 90 days until implemented! 



Please tag a friend and after the 90 days is completed or if you need any help along the way please email for help and please, please share your stories with us we would love to hear your success!


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