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Dental Assisting is a rapidly growing job in the sector of dental healthcare, which is expected to expand by 11% over the next two decades, as claimed by the US Bureau of Labour Statistics. As a result, ambitious dental assistants are eager to start working in this sector as soon as possible.

As a Career, Dental Assisting entails the following roles:

  • Day-to-day operations of a dental practice
  • Welcoming and greeting patients
  • Preparing patients for procedures and examinations.
  • Assuring the health and well-being of patients
  • Choosing and organizing dental instruments as needed for the operation
  • As required by state requirements, disinfecting tools, equipment, and supplies


How is AAA SoDA’s Accelerated Dental Assisting Program enabling individuals to gain expertise quickly and seamlessly?

The AAA SoDA’s Accelerated Dental Assisting Academy provides a 12-week interactive and educational experience that includes laboratory experiences and class lectures, along with complete hands-on dental assisting training and expanded functions to educate students for a real-world dental assisting career. 

In addition, students must complete 160 hours of clinical practice after completing the course to graduate.

There are multiple advantages that one might receive in this course:

  • Exposure to a community of dental assistants with whom an individual may discuss ideas and possibilities.
  • A modern academic facility that resembles a dentist’s work setup
  • Guaranteed job placement to aid with a smooth transition to a new career.
  • Comprehensive training to prepare one for real-world clinical situations.
  • State and Board-Approved Certifications
  • Coaching students on how to build their resumes

With AAA SoDA’s accelerated dental assistant school, one will acquire the confidence and knowledge they need to kick start their career in dentistry and commence their exciting employment journey as a dental assistant in a dental clinic.


Jumpstart Your Dental Assisting Career

The AAA SoDA accelerated dental assistant academy offers a fast-paced curriculum that helps make one’s career path easier and faster. Students are trained in all the main topics that are needed to prepare aspiring Dental Assistants for actual dental assistance with extensive instruction in a short time of 12 weeks. 

This reputed acceleration program also assists one with job placement after completing their education. The courses are well-designed to meet the entire curriculum in three months, allowing students to focus on dental assistance in an in-depth manner.

These courses are reasonably priced, allowing students to work and pay their tuition. Furthermore, the flexibility of the sessions, including single-day, two-day, and weekend classes, reinforces students to work for the rest of the week while still covering their fees.




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