Are You Prepared?

What does it really mean to be Prepared?


How can we prepare, when life throws so many random obstacle in our path. Well I’ll tell you this, it’s definitely not easy, but it’s ONE HUNDRED PERCENT worth it! Preparation is a major key to success, it’s a simple word that all of us learned in grade school. but very few actually take action consistently. We as mothers, fathers, big brothers and sisters, if we have the responsibility of looking after loved ones, then we have to prepare! Here are some simple ways that any of us can prepare for life, and guide our loved ones into success along with ourselves. Schedule out our day, either write it on paper or in the notes app in our phones, we can even set reminders all day in our phones.

This simple scheduling tactic will take all of 5 minutes to write out, and save you hours of wasted time.

The key to scheduling out your day is completing it the night before, we are now ahead of the madness and that’s a good feeling! Once we wake up and have to start our day , we know that safety net which is our schedule is in our back pocket for us to refer back too all day until completed. Consistency is the main factor for this to become a successful daily habit in your life. We have to set time aside every night to write out our schedule, and really prioritize what’s necessary. I will save prioritization for our next life saving technique. I hope this short blog makes an impact on your daily life because once we have control of time, we have control of our life, and that is truly a phenomenal feeling!


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