This is the December to Remember!

CHRISTMAS TIME!!!!! YAAYYYYYY!!! December is definitely the busiest time of year for all Americans. Not to mention the most fun time of the year. All of 2017 has lead up to this momentous time of year. During this time we forget about all of the ups and downs that occurred during 2017, and with New Years right around the corner we will have a clean slate to start over, and really take over 2018! How exciting is that, we are re-born as December to remembernew people, and it’s only a week away. We set new goals to accomplish, and we are one year wiser then the last. With so much optimism in the air, you can’t help but have so much joyfulness inside.

So where does all this optimism and joyfulness go in the middle of the year?

Why do we fall so behind after only the fist month or so into the new year, are we hitting some imaginary brick wall of stress and pessimism? I’ve never personally seen this wall, but it definitely effects all of us, maybe not at the same time but we all hit it. What are we to do to break through this wall, and continue to push our joyfulness throughout the year! We are all in this boat together, because we all hit this wall, the only difference is who gets off the boat after it crashes into the wall or who sinks with the ship of despair. What makes those people who jump off the boat so different then us? Do they have some special will power that allows them to swim in rough water and hit the beach running?

Well they do have more will power then most of us, but it is not some special power that is unattainable.

All of us, yes even you are able to train yourself, to build this muscles bulging through our shirts will power! While this is no easy task, but absolutely necessary if we want to break through the wall of despair. So how do we do it?? Here is one quick tip that will build will power, and it only takes 5 minutes a day to become super human, and punch right through that wall.

Breathing, yes that right, it’s as simple as breathing, the one thing we do our entire lives and don’t even think about.

Yes we don’t even think about it, well I’m asking you to think about it, for only 5 minutes in the morning before you start your day. Here’s how, sit in your relaxing comfy chair with your feet flat on the floor, and your hands on your lap. The key here is to not fidget and to truly focus on the breath , the goal is to get down to 4 breathes per minute, that’s about 15 seconds a breath. Once you hit this magical threshold, you will become a will power super human!

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