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How about an exciting, well-paying career option with plenty of growth opportunities that also offers an outstanding work-life balance.

Sound’s too good to be true, right!

Well, it’s actually possible if you take up a career in dental assisting. What will make it even better is that you have undergone training in Dental Assisting with Expanded Functions.

To guide you on this career path, we take a closer look at the role and importance of an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant and how you can go about it. 


Who is an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant?

To those considering a career in dental assisting, it’s essential to know more about an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant (EFDA) if they want to further their career.

An EFDA is a certified dental assistant who has undergone additional schooling and training from a dental school to obtain the skills and licensure that allows them to perform specialist procedures that dentists usually perform.


Expanded Functions Dental Assistant Training

EFDAs receive specialized training to perform the following procedures and more;

Place fillings: EFDAs can place and contour fillings after the dentist finishes preparing the tooth. They also learn to use restorative materials to place, sculpt & polish the filling, check the bite occlusion, and make sure that the area flosses well. 

The dentists usually do a final check of the filling done by the EFDA to ascertain that it has been done correctly and as per expectations.

Polishing: EFDAs are also trained to perform coronal polishing. It is a process similar to the polishing that a dental hygienist does at the end of a dental cleaning. Polishing helps to remove surface stains, thus creating a smooth tooth surface.

Fluoride treatments: EFDAs can also assist dentists with fluoride treatments. 

Place tooth sealants: EFDAs are also trained to place sealants, a preventative procedure to seal deep grooves in back teeth most vulnerable to decay.  


Why is EFDA Certification necessary?

Besides boosting your dental assisting career prospects, being EFDA certified is also a matter of pride. EFDA-certified dental assistants are essential for the dental team and often help dentists with patient procedures. 

Having an EFDA among the dental team also benefits dentists, including better patient care. For example, while an EFDA finishes a filling, the dentist can attend to other patients, saving time and attending to more patients in the process. 

As such, the contribution of an EFDA to the growth and reputation of the dental clinic is immense and appreciation worthy. 


EFDA Certification

All EFDA training programs need to be accredited and recognized by the United States Department of Education and the American Dental Association

AAA SoDA, one of Florida’s premier dental assisting schools, offers a 90-Day Expanded Functions Assistant Program for dental students aspiring to be EFDA certified. Students receive in-depth and hands-on training during this training program, supported by in-class lectures and labs to prepare them for the certification.


The testing conducted for the EFDA Certification checks for the dental student’s expertise in the following:

  • Dental Materials
  • Dental Anatomy, including the head and neck
  • Office Procedures
  • Dental Psychology
  • Radiology
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Dental Pharmacology
  • Preventative Care and Procedures


AAA SoDA also offers an externship with an approved dental office to get hands-on clinical training. 

Upon successfully completing training at an accredited school for expanded functions dental assistant training, students are eligible to sit for board examinations. AAA SoDA also offers a one-day exam to get EFDA certified, making it convenient for dental assistants who want to upgrade their careers.

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