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As regular Dental Assistants, individuals work with patients, support the dentist, and be a part of a dental team every day. In addition, they are responsible for answering phones, greeting patients, scheduling appointments, and assisting dentists during treatments. 

Nonetheless, if one is a  Dental Assistant and not an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant, there are some limitations to what they can do. As an EFDA, the state will require one to undertake more training for more specialised procedures, meaning that one needs to master new abilities as part of their training.

An EFDA is required by law to do additional duties that an ordinary Dental Assistant cannot. As a Dental Assistant, you’ll be responsible for a variety of tasks around the clinic, including primary patient care and office management. 

Some of the other things a dental assistant is expected to do are:

  • Sterilise dental instruments and equipment
  • Ascertain that the patients are at ease in their chairs
  • Contact vendors’ offices for medical supplies
  • Take the vital signs of the patients
  • Keep track of the dental history and treatments of patients
  • Inform patients about oral hygiene practices


One can perform all of these tasks and more as an Expanded Function Dental Assistant. The duties that one needs to undertake as an Expanded Functions Assistant are:

  • Application of fluoride treatments
  • Filling cavities with liners and bases
  • Inserting rubber dams and matrices as needed
  • Placing, carving, and contouring amalgam restorations 
  • Performing coronal polishing


Advantages Of Becoming a Dental Assistant with Expanded Functions 

The accreditation will look excellent on resumes and distinguish these young qualified dental assistants from other potential employees who cannot perform the additional functions. 

Dentists appreciate EFDAs because they relieve them of some of their responsibilities. Dentists are also able to attend to more patients, which helps augment their income. 

Pursuing Dental Assistant with Expanded Functions Training

AAA SoDA offers a 90-Day Accelerated Expanded Functions Dental Assisting Certification, which enables hands-on experience to help students become more proficient in the real world.

Students receive comprehensive lab training and attend regular class lectures to ensure that they are well-prepared for this career. The training covers all that one needs to know to earn their Radiology Certification. The American Dental Association and the US Department of Education recognize the EFDA course.

This course will improve one’s ability and knowledge in the following areas:

  1. Dental Supplies
  2. Office Administration
  3. Radiography
  4. Dental Anatomy
  5. Pharmacology and Physiology in Dentistry
  6. Procedures and Preventative Services


The best part of this fast-paced course is the additional perks that one will receive when joining it. These benefits include the following:

  1. Active membership in a professional association
  2. Networking 
  3. Employment opportunities 
  4. Continuing education and many other professional opportunities.

Aside from the excellent education provided by AAA School of Dental Assisting, the school also guarantees job placement following graduation.


Get Started With The High-Pride Profession

Pursuing to become an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant is a brilliant goal. All healthcare occupations are rapidly expanding currently, and there is a massive surge for qualified workers in the field of dentistry. This healthcare-related profession does not necessitate a four-year college degree or extensive training. 

It’s a wonderful option if you want to start working at a young age and have a job that enables people to work directly with patients. The profession also takes an individual closer to financial growth and success. 

So get ready to work toward your goal of becoming an EFDA with AAA SoDA’s fast-track training program. With its numerous advantages, the course is sure to support advancing an individual’s profession and helping them grow in a short span. Moreover, this additional knowledge will enable one to contribute even more significantly to their current dental assisting role.




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