Dental Assisting with Friends!

Hellooo Central Florida!! On Sunday, October 22 @ 12:00pm we are hosting Dental Assisting with Friends! I am sure you are wondering what is Dental Assisting with Friends and why would I waste my Sunday, My Day OFF, the holy day, to Drive to Sanford? I know, We are asking for a lot, I am sorry in advanced!

  But seriously, lets ask ourselves, when is the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone to meet New people who are motivated just like you? Slim to none, I know , but why should you start now, because you are not alone!!

You are not taking this step alone, you might feel alone at first, but you will quickly find out that you are not surrounded by strangers in a small Dental assisting school in Sanford, You are surrounded by Future Friends!!

Yes these people are your friends, friends that will soon become your teammate in class! Wdental assisting with friendsho knows, you could work together once you start your new Dental Assisting Career! So after your amazing hands-on, interactive experience, on your Sunday off, you actually leave with friends and how much fun and easy is it to accomplish your goals with FRIENDS!

AAA School of Dental Assisting has not only Created life long dental careers for over 10 years, more importantly we have grown our family all over Florida, and who doesn’t want a large family that has your back no matter the situation.

Join our Family on Sunday, October 22nd @ 12:00pm, and see how much we really care about you, and starting you in your new career! RSVP on Facebook @aaaDENTALassisting and CLICK GOING!

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