WhyDental Assisting Dental Assisting? 

Have you thought about Dental Assisting? No, although I DO want a career in Health care, and NEED my weekends OFFDental Assisting provides that! Oh wow! Not to mention you to work in a family like environment! Are you saying I will love to show up EVERYDAY, even on a MONDAY!!?? YES EVERYDAY , EXCEPT WEEKENDS :)!

Please tell me more? Of Course!  

Due to the fact Dental assisting has a growth factor of 25% that makes it one of the fastest growing in the health care industry! In addition to the compensation being higher then all other entry level Health care careers with a median salary a hair over $37,000! So, we are Sorry CNA,Medical Assistant,HHA,Phlebotomist, and medical coding /billing, Dental is calling your name!! Are you telling me that I can spend time with my family in addition to free time for myself and make a great salary with have the confidence to tell the world I AM A DENTAL ASSISTANT!! YESSS!

WAIT, I probably have to go to school 5 days a week and debt until my children have children and their children have children?? No AAA SoDA is here! What is SoDA?? I want to join the dental field, not ruin my teeth! No silly AAA School of Dental Assisting is only 90 days long and Board of Dentistry Approved with the most flexible class schedule that it won a limbo competition!!

You want to know the most important part,  AAA SoDA truly cares about you starting in your career, due to their amazing career placement there is no way you will fail! No way are you saying they will help me into my career? YES WAY!

Tell me how to start? All you have to do is CALL! Well what is the NUMBER?? (407) 324-0960. You know what! What? Seems like Dental Assisting it is!!

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