Teamwork Makes The Dream work!

AAA School of Dental Assisting Teamwork!

Teamwork Makes The DreamworkTeamwork: “the combined action of a group of people, especially when effective and efficient“.

The combined action of people, who are these people? Effective and Efficient, what does that actually mean?

Helllooo Florida!! We are “these people” and by the Effective and Efficient actions we take in the wake of Hurricane Irma will determine our future.

Have you thought  about your Future lately? Be honest have you? Then what effective actions are you taking?

Our students are taking action! When  AAA School of Dental Assisting™ reached out to our students and team that class was starting even though a lot of us are without power what do you think their response was?

They were all extremely excited to start efficiently working towards their goals no matter the obstacles!

That’s what I call taking action, and if you are dreading going back to your JOB then change your situation and join the Dental Field!

Join a team that works efficiently every day and join a profession that you will miss on your weekends off! Sounds great right?

Of course it does then stop dreaming and take that step forward to that future you have always wanted! 



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