Dentistry in Our Daily Lives!

Happy April Team!!!!

Have you ever thought about Dentistry … Probably not?

Whether you think about it or not Dentistry is in our lives DAILY!

I don’t mean the one time a week you floss and Brush..LOL

We floss and brush multiple times a day, right Team!!😎

Speaking of Flossing, did you know unlike humans who have 32 teeth, Pigs have 44, Armadillos have a tremendous 104, and you thought flossing the 32 we have is tough!!

You want to hear a really cool Floss fact?!🤔

In 1994 a this crazy/Smart West Virginia Inmate braided Dental floss to escape his confinement, he was later identified by the Saliva absorbed in floss, and you thought flossing was only for your TEETH!!!

Ok, now that we know how to escape from prison, lets talk about saliva…

Yes, you, I mean you produce 2500 quarts of saliva in your life time!

That’s enough to fill 2 swimming pools… Yes, you drool A LOT!🤤

I know that was Gross, lets keep it clean, 300 types of bacteria clean!!

Yes, we have over 300 diverse types that are our mouth as we speak!! AHH!!!

Seriously no more!!

Depending on what hand you brush with, righty/lefty you predominantly chew on the same side!

Best practice is to alternate sides to reduce wear on that once side!

Now that you have enough Dental knowledge to sound like you’re smarter than the average, we leave with this one last fun fact to RULE the day!

This one is for the women!!! Females on average smile 62 times a day, whereas males only 8 times a day…


Guess that means Men make women happier!!! HAHAHA!!! 😂😅 

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