EFDA Training Near ME!

I Want to start a new Career, but there is Nothing Near ME!

Every time I think I want to change my life, Life Happens…

I talk to Friends and Family for advice to only hear it’s too late and you don’t have the time..

How am I supposed to better myself, when no one Near Me is giving me Motivation…near me

They know my situation, and I barley have enough to pay my phone bill…

It got so bad I had to tun my Iphone in, and switch to Metro..UGH!!!!

I cant take it anymore…I’m taking a stand!

But I don’t know where to start, I don’t have any real skills but I think I’m great with People...

I know the medical field is a great choice, but the hospital is NOT for ME!

I want to help people in a nice FAMILY atmosphere….

Hmmm…Dentistry?? That could be the one..

I don’t know anyone in Dentistry.. But when I was a child I remember everyone being so HAPPY!!

I want to be that HAPPY everyday helping people, I know I’ve never felt like that at my current JOB!

I cant remember the last time I was happy at work…

I’m Doing it, I’m Done wasting time…

Google..Dental Assisting Schools Near ME.. Search!

Schedule Not flexible enough, They weren’t that nice on the Phone…Hmm..WOW, they were soo excited for me to start on the Phone, I cannot wait to meet with the TEAM!

I can’t believe I’m starting my new life right now and in 90-Days My New Career Begins!


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