First Impressions and why Your Teeth Matter!

My Teeth, Who is looking at those? Welllllll, more than you know! In Fact One-Third of Americans say Teeth are what they look at first and 48% say a SMILE is THE most memorable part of First impressions. SO, when you ask yourself, do my teeth and smile matter when meeting someone the first time, the answer is YES!

first impression

So why are so many Americans severely uneducated on Dental care and afraid of the Dentist? We at AAA SoDA do not believe that is the case (afraid of the dentist) We believe America is self conscious and unsure of how to confront the oral dilemma. But there is no reason to feel embarrassed, the Dentist and Dental team are here to help!

Turn that self consciousness into SELF CONFIDENCE by educating yourself while earning a great salary with a rewarding Dental Career! You want to make a great first impression, tell people you are a Dental professional and say it with a BIG WHITE SMILE!

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