Hams and Yams Holiday Give Away!

Hams and Yams Holiday Give Away!

It’s that time of the year where we give thanks by helping our community and families in NEED. To think a time we wait for all year is actually a family’s most depressing time. Not only because of a loved one passing or their GF/BF broke up with them that day. An ongoing depressing matter, where that family does not have the money to provide for their children on this momentous occasion.

Did you know that the Ham many of us take for granted is often not affordable by many of our neighbors and communities in Central Florida?

Did you know that 15% of the American public struggles to afford food? Our population needs the motivation to rise out of the slump their in.

It’s important to point out that the homeless are not the only ones in need. Yes, the 15% mentioned also includes those who are employed part-time or under-employed. 

Our neighbors make real decisions on a daily basis to either eat or purchase gas to get to work so they can feed their children.

Yes, decide to EAT, or BUY GAS!! You are comparing food to a fuel that makes your car move!! It’s insane I know, and that’s why this time of year is so depressing for many. For those of us who are able to give back, IT IS OUR DUTY as fellow humans to do so.

That’s why every year for Thanksgiving AAA SoDA gives back 100 Hams with candied Yams. It’s our way to help our local families afford a decent Christmas and take part in celebrating with the rest of AMERICA! 

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Hams & Yams Holiday Give Away is on Saturday, December 23rd @ 12 pm and is First come First serve!

If you are a family in NEED, then we would love to HELP!! Come by and let us change your life, even if only for one day!         

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