Hands-On Training!

Who Loves Hands-On Training?!

Who wants to learn out of a Book? Not Me! Not Me!…Please!! Hands-On for ME! Yes some textbook is necessary when learning dental assisting, But the majority of your time training you need to touch, see, smell the supplies, instruments and Operatory! I can smell it now, like latex and Saliva lol.

We firmly believe in our enjoyable hands-on personalized training by our Highly Skilled multiple coach (instructors) led class! With our unique “By Dental Assistant For Dental Assisting Training” is what makes AAA SoDA the #1 Dental Assisting School in the state, in addition to truly ensuring ourHands-On Team(students) have the highest possible percentage of starting their career right out of class, and most of the time actual employment in the 12 Week duration! What! Are you telling me there is a possibility to start my career while still in class?? Yes!

Are YOU tired of taking orders behind a window, or holding 7 plates of food and 17 drinks on a tray running around for a TIP!

Then Stop It! YOU have the choice and the choice is Dental and you need to take the step now and start your NEW LIFE TODAY! 

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