Quick Tips for Holiday Oral Health Care!

The Holiday season is here and the last thing on our minds is oral health care. We are all thinking about the amazing pies, cakes and the sweets that only grandma makes!! I’m hungry already, on top of that, all the food, glazed, braised, coated, blanched, soaked in the most tasteful way! Again, the last thing on any of our minds is oral holiday oral health carehealth care, especially when we have to pick out Christmas gifts for family, friends, loved ones.

Here is why all that foodie goodness, although amazing now in 2017 will cause real oral harm in 2018 if we don’t take preventative measures now. Ok dental is expensive, and you don’t want to pay for it, so don’t if you truly cannot afford it.

Quick tip

after every one of your amazing meals, thoroughly swish water to remove excess food in your teeth and floss at the end of your day to remove anything the water didn’t wash away. Now if you’re the lucky ones who receive holiday bonuses or some extra saving laying around , schedule your self a cleaning for post holiday meals , this is one sure way to remove all the apple pie! The cleaning will also allow your dentist to see what else is going on in your mouth and make you aware of what may occur if you continue to not take preventative measures with your oral health.

To some it up, these simple yet effective tips will keep you in the spirits until your scheduled cleaning, always thoroughly swish water after every meal to remove excess food, and floss and brush at night throughout the holiday season. The most important is to call your dentist and schedule your cleaning now and go after the holidays are over so you take 2018 with a healthy white smile! 



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