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Are you looking to enhance your current career and build a long-term career option that offers an outstanding work-life balance? 

Are you interested in the excellent career opportunity dental assisting offers but don’t know how to go about it or where to start?

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Here’s your go-to guide for getting a Dental Assistant Certification that will allow you to work as a dental assistant and enjoy the privileges and respect it offers. 

But, before we take a deep look at the dental assistant certification process, let’s better understand what a career in dental assisting entails and what is expected from you in this role.


Responsibilities of a Dental Assistant

A dental assistant is usually the go-to-for-everything person in a dental clinic and is indispensable to a dentist. They help a dentist with both preparations for dental procedures and post-procedure equipment cleaning and maintenance and ensure that the dental office runs efficiently and all the patients are attended to in time. 

Some of the functions they are usually expected to assist in are:

  • Maintaining patient records & billing details
  • Scheduling patient appointments
  • Preparing the examination and procedure rooms
  • Sterilizing all tools and equipment
  • Maintaining a proper maintenance schedule for all the equipment
  • Assisting with X-rays and dental procedures such as filing, crowns, extractions, etc. 


How to get your dental assisting certification?

To get your dental assisting certification, you need to have formal training in dental assisting from any of the established and well-reputed dental schools in Florida. In addition, most schools conduct certification exams and offer hands-on training based on industry standards that would make you eligible to work as a dental assistant in Florida.

Dental assistants in Florida must complete a dental assisting program that the Commission has accredited on Dental Accreditation (CODA), recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the American Dental Association as the only accreditation agency for dental professional education programs.

The Florida Board of Dentistry oversees the state’s requirements for Dental Assistants to manage safe practices.

AAA SoDA, for example, offers a comprehensive 12-week program that will help you graduate with Expanded Functions (EFDA), Radiology, and CPR certifications in only 12 weeks.

To get more details on the certification and what all you would be learning in their training program, we suggest scheduling a complimentary “Meet The Team” session.


Factors to consider while selecting the best dental assistant certification school in Florida.

Starting a new career, especially in the dental field, can be daunting for many people. You need to ensure that the dental school you are considering is in line with your requirements and offers complete support in class scheduling, getting financial assistance for your fees, etc. 

Some of the other factors are:

Flexibility in scheduling your classes: Some dental assistant aspirants may have work or personal obligations due to which they may not be able to attend regular classes. As such, the dental school you are considering must offer flexibility in scheduling your classes and even have the option of night classes, if possible.

Job Placement assistance: Given the time and effort you will be putting into your dental assisting studies, it is only fair enough that you get the best job placement suitable for you. Here, the AAA SoDA has a distinct advantage, as it offers the best job placement options and helps you prepare your resume and excel in your job interviews.

Industry-based training: The dental school needs to train you in the latest techniques and procedures to be job-ready. That helps create a positive impression on your future employers and enables you to grow faster within the organization.


Get Your Dental Assisting Certification Within 12 weeks

Yes, 12 weeks is all it will take you to become a qualified dental assistant through AAA SoDa, which has one of the best faculty members and training methods. 

To know more about how AAA SoDA helps you become career-ready and get your dental assisting certification, we suggest attending one of their “Meet The Team” sessions, which is informative and engaging. 




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