Nail Your Interview!

Quick Tips to Nail Your Interview!

Ohh Gosh, The day is here and you’re not ready. It’s interview day, and you’re so nervous you forgot how to spell your name, and so excited  pee will come out at any moment!(not really,but maybe) Listen, I am going to give you some tips to TAKE OVER that interview, and have your employer so excited they will hire you on the spot!

First and Foremost Presentation,

No I don’t mean power point, I mean YOU! You have to first look the part , clothes, hair, brows, nails(women manicured or painted, males clean and short), teeth white, breath fresh and no over-bearing cologne or perfume no one wants to smell you a mile away! Most importantly, ENERGY, your ENERGY is everything and with this asset, that most people under-utilize, you will overcome any obstacle.

Next is your SMILE, once you walk in that door to meetnail the interview your new boss, you have to greet him/her with a big warm SMILE and tons of energy! OK the easy part is over, SOO do I sit there with a SMILE moving around with all this energy?!?(LOL)

PREPARATION is Key, whatever you are interviewing for make sure you know the background of the company, so you have a natural conversation during the interview process. This will one, make you feel more comfortable mentally, and make it less formal of a situation for both you and the employer (that’s a good thing).

This is the final tip to tie everything in after showing tremendous enthusiasm, and that you have thorough knowledge of the company’s background/history. You DO NOT leave the interview without a definitive answer , either what day is my follow up, or what day do I start, or maybe they didn’t like you because it’s a boring company and you have too much talent for them. Whatever the case may be, you get that answer! These are Anthony Balsam quick tips for a successful interview, if you have any other questions please feel free to call me (407) 324-0960  for a more in-depth response!!

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