Orlando Community Pride!

The Benefit of Orlando Community Pride!

Lets talk about Orlando community pride and what that actually means. With all that’s going on in America today, the good, the bad, the I’m not really sure how to feel. I believe it all comes down to having pride in our selves and our communities and our country! Everyday we wake up and go about our business, some of us love what we do, some hate the thought of leaving the bed.

Then there is the small percentage who hate what they do, but still take the utmost pride and complete any task their presented.

No these people were not born this way, it’s a learned skill that takes real discipline to do something you hate everyday!orlando pride

If we stop to think about it, this is actually us, because the ones who hate to get out of bed, are doing a job they hate everyday. The only difference is one chooses to complete the work they hate with pride because they know it’s a necessary evil that brings them one step closer to their goal. The one who wakes up to a job they hate an has no pride, is not working towards anything other then the weekend, so they can have pretend time with pretend friends.

If that’s not insanity then I don’t know what is, as a community we have to take pride in everything we do like it’s our last day. You don’t have to wait for a specific time of year to change or when it’s cool to do it on New Years because everyone else is.

Do it now and take control of your life and make your community a better place for everyone! You will watch yourself become one of those who love what they do everyday, and in turn make the country, our country a land full of pride!

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