Orlando Needs Dental Assistants!

Orlando’s Great Need For Dental Assistants!orlando AAA School of Dental Assisting

You are thinking, I’ve lived in Orlando my whole life, and never even spoke to a dental assistant, other then when I go to the dentist every 3 months for my routine cleanings.  I didn’t know there was a need? There is a great need, all you have to do is look, go search Healthcare jobs in Orlando and over 50% of the positions are Dental! Yes what I am saying is true, go to Craigslist, Indeed, Ihiredental, Glassdoor, go search!

Once you see what I am saying is the truth then come back, come back with great optimism, because while you are thinking how do I join this in-demand career? It’s easy, all you have to do is call (407) 324-0960 or send us your info at AAASoDA.com or Facebook page @aaaDENTALassisting and we will contact you! The best part is you do not have to quit your current job that you hate, but need to support your self while taking this step to start a great career.

AAA SoDA offers a flexible real world schedule, you choose from our 2 day or 1 day a week schedule and we offer day or night options, 6 in total , if you can’t commit to that! Then you just don’t want to better yourself! Yes, we are hands-on, very hands-on, you will look forward to your days here, and the bet part is we ensure you start your career with our amazing job placement team! So take control of your life and join an almost recession proof career that has a huge demand in your hometown!!

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