Pursuing Dental Radiology Certification

Dental Assistant with Patient

While a dental assistant can manage many responsibilities within a dental clinic, to position and expose radiographs and attain other radiology privileges, they must complete a dental assisting radiology program and earn their certification in the same. 

The certification program is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) and recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the American Dental Association. Upon completing the program, students receive a state-issued dental radiography certificate from the Department of Health. 

What does a Dental Radiology Certification Program Include? 

The course teaches dental assistants who have already received formal training in dental assisting about the concepts of Dental Radiology. The course is just not introductory and intends to give hands-on training to students to make them proficient in the same. 

The Included radiology certification program aims to increase the proficiency of dental assistants in the following areas: 

  • Equipment Identification
  • Radiography Practice
  • Permissible Doses of Radiation
  • Tissue Sensitivity
  • Radiographic Anatomy
  • Radiographic Techniques
  • Radiographic Digital Imaging
  • Radiographic Processing Techniques
  • Infection Control 

The program will help advance a regular dental assistant’s abilities and allow one to perform radiology procedures under the direct supervision of a licensed dentist. In addition, through this course, one can get a clear understanding of the fundamentals of Dental Radiology. 

Benefits of the Program 

Enhanced Communication with the Patients 

Being qualified in dental radiography makes a dental assistant confident enough to discuss the uses and benefits of radiation with the patients. That helps reassure patients about the radiography procedure. 

Promotes Personal and Professional Growth 

Dental assistants get more responsibilities and support from the dentist, thanks to their certification. That is good for self-motivation and professional growth in dental assisting. 

Patients’ Perspectives Change  

When dental assistants perform critical procedures, they gain respect in patients’ eyes. In addition, patients begin to appreciate assistants as professionals and are more confident while working with them. 

Better Remuneration and Future Opportunities 

A dental assistant with dental radiology certification will have a distinct advantage over other dental assistants when it comes to job offers, better remuneration, and future growth. It also adds value to their CVs and makes them stand out from other candidates. 

Added Value in Education 

Whenever a dental assistant with a dental radiology certificate wants to apply for a higher position in the field of dentistry, this qualification will act as a bonus, giving them more education opportunities to explore and helping them progress their career. 

AAA SoDA’s Dental Radiology Certification  

For the dental assistants who wish to advance their career and are searching for an accelerated dental radiology program, then AAA School of Dental Assisting is the program for you.  

Within  the program will make dental assistants proficient in areas such as assessing intraoral radiographs, positioning patients in panoramic units, ensuring the quality of panoramic radiography, and basic interpretation of full mouth intraoral and panoramic radiographs. 

At AAA School of Dental Assisting, all state-issued guidelines are met, and exceptional training and experience for the dental assistants are ensured. The Dental Radiology Certification by AAA SoDA will also open a gate to a professional dental community, offering one exposure to networking, employment, continuing education, and many other professional opportunities. 

Going Forward 

Dental assistants looking at forwarding their career and growth options should definitely consider the Dental Radiology Certification by AAA SoDA.  

It is an exciting opportunity to help dental assistants gain proficiency in another domain within the dentistry field. Doing this certification can prove immensely beneficial in the long run and help dental assistants carve a special nice for themselves in the years to come.