Sick of Being Tired!

Are You Sick of Being Tired all the TIME?

You know the feeling..

It’s Monday and you have to start your Job at 8:00am

Ugh the thought makes me nauseous!

It’s 7:00AM and you are still in bed wishing the day was over already…

Now it’s 7:30AM and you either jump out of bed to get ready for work or you call in with an excuse and hope you’re not fired…

you haven’t called out in a couple of weeks, no one will care, there are so many employees…

Now it’s 7:49, there is no turning back, you pick up the phone and TEXT your supervisor, “Good Morning Mary, I was throwing up all night and tried to get to work I’m here in my clothes and I fell back asleep, I can’t make it!”

Lucky You! “Mary the Supervisor” accepts the excuse..


You have so much energy you don’t know where to start!


I know this is you because, this was once me…

Until I learned this valuable secret taught to me by this random guy I met in Chipotle, while eating a Burrito….

It so happened to be on one of my “SICK” days off from work…

First I saw this really nice Car pull in that caught my attention…

I thought definitely some old Guy, WRONG!! He was younger than me!

Then the HATE came in my HEAD, “his parents must have money,  he’s never worked a day in his life!!”WRONG!!

So I just sat down to start eating my burrito and he placed his order in advanced, OF COURSE HE DID!

To my surprise he sat down at the same table as me, I could over here his conversation and it sounded like he was talking to his boss…

How can he look so excited and be so successful and was talking to his boss??

So i mustered up some courage and asked him what he does for work..

He kindly replied he was a dentist, and asked what I did..

I stuttered and said I was off today, He said you must be high up to have a weekday off, I laughed and said no I called in sick…

I took the attention off me quickly, and asked how he started..

he went through his story on how he initially started as a dental assistant in the dental field and that’s where his passion formed..

When he was finished he looked at me and said, I used to be just like you!

I used to call out sick and was always tired, with no motivation..

He then gave me the most valuable tip that changed my life forever…

Write your ONE goal down, and go after it!


Are you Sick of being tired and have no drive to strive towards success? Write down you one true desire and Go For It, I mean ALL IN!!

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