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    The Gift That Keeps on Giving!!

    Who Doesn’t Want a Gift that Keeps on Giving? The Holiday season is upon us and it’s a combination of the most joyful, and yet stressful time of the year. The reason for these two polar opposite emotions is “THE GIFT”, the dreaded yet thoughtfully sweet gift. WHAT DO WE BUY?? “that’s too expensive, she

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    It’s about Perspective

    It’s about Perspective When was the last time you asked yourself what your next step forward is? If you’re unsure then NOW is a great time to gain some new perspective. At AAA School of Dental Assisting, let us help you gain a new perspective on a great new career. You’re wondering how will a

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    Teamwork Makes The Dream work!

    AAA School of Dental Assisting Teamwork! Teamwork: “the combined action of a group of people, especially when effective and efficient“. The combined action of people, who are these people? Effective and Efficient, what does that actually mean? Helllooo Florida!! We are “these people” and by the Effective and Efficient actions we take in the wake

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    Hot Career in Dental Assisting

    Hot Career in Dental Assisting. How does a hot career sound? Then take a moment to ask yourself these simple questions, Is your job similar to an assembly line? Do you find yourself saying, ” Next..! “, many times per day? Have you looked in the mirror lately and say, “I Deserve More..“? If you said ” YES