Take The 90 Day Challenge!

Why this 90 Day Challenge will forever change your life?

90 day challengeYou’re asking yourself how will a 90 Day Challenge Change my life? More importantly, what is this 90 Day challenge? Ok, we have answers to all of your questions, so relax, and take a minute to read. Think for a second on how short 90 Days really is, and think about how much you can accomplish in that short amount of time with a little skill called Commitment. Yes commitment is a skill, and you have a reaffirm your commitment everyday in order to become successful. Once you embark on this short journey of 90 days, and you complete it, you will forever wonder why I didn’t commit earlier in life, but that’s OK,  because it’s never to late, and now you’re on the path to greatness! The best part about this 90 Day Challenge is you can commit, and still continue to make money while you are on this sprint of Commitment into a new life! You will physically come in TWO or even only ONE day per week, YES, you will have to commit home time to this change, but nothing great in life has ever come with out work.

So I guess you are wondering what this 90 Day Challenge is?

I will tell you! It is picking up the phone to call (407)324-0960 and scheduling yourself a time to come in and meet the most Supportive and Motivating team you have met in your life! Once you meet this Phenomenal team, there is no turning back , you’re in! Now it’s your first day, Yes, your first day of training has started. You are surrounded by peers who are as motivated as yourself, and you love it! You blink your eyes and BOOM you’re in your New Career, New Life as an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant, WHAT!!! Just like that you are a professional in the fastest growing Healthcare career in AMERICA! Yes! You are creating smiles, and new friends on a daily basis, and how long did this magical journey take? 90 DAYS!

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