Thanksgiving Time!!

It’s Thanksgiving Time!!!

thanksgivingHello Orlando!! It’s that time of year that we all reflect on what we are thankful for. Beyond the amazing food we are about to eat, that we are obviously grateful for, we all know what we are truly thankful for. We are most thankful for our health and the tremendous people we call our family and team. Lets talk about Family, first I would like to define the term

“a group of people united by certain convictions or a common affiliation “=FAMILY

this is my favorite of several definitions of the word family. The most powerful word in that definition is UNITED, all for one, and one for all! When your family is united you can accomplish anything and everything. How beautiful is it to accomplish goals with your family, you actually have fun doing it! For Example, think of everyone cooking different dishes for Thanksgiving dinner, it’s almost a friendly competition on whose dish tastes the best, and with everyone wanting to impress the other, when all the dishes unite, you know the whole meal is going to be amazing! That example is very mush what the dental field is all about, UNITED as a FAMILY, all for one, and one for all.

Your Dental Family is always having a friendly competition on who can assist the DR without mistakes or who can finish a procedures the fastest from start to finish, and you know since everyone is trying to impress one another the dental practice as a whole is phenomenal, and Every will want to come and be watch this amazing family work unison! ORLANDO what are we Thankful for?? FAMILY!!!!!! 

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