The New Year Is Here!

The New Year Is Here, are you READY?

Happy Holidays Central Florida!! Right, 2017 is over and Christmas is only TWENTY DAYS away!! WHATTT!! Where did the year go? In only 3 weeks the New Year, 2018 is here! Insane, I feel like it was just SUMMER time hanging out at the beach, talking about I cant believe it’s 2017 already, and now it’s over! Reality time!!! What did I even accomplish this year that’s worth talking about? I don’t even know if I hit any of the goals I wrote new year is heredown the beginning of this year, or if I even remember them, OH DEAR!! Oh Well I have 2018 to make up for what I DIDN’T accomplish this year, WRONGGG!

We still have over THREE weeks to finish this year STRONG and step in 2018 like HELLOOOO!!

But it’s only 3 weeks , only 3 weeks is (really 26 days,or THREE HUNDRED AND TWELVE REAL PRODUCTIVE HOURS, not including the ones you sleep!)Yes it’s a lot of time , so where do I start, lets not go over board and choose a million and one goals to accomplish , lets pick one that we are really passionate about to either complete, or we are so close that we start 2018 with a rewarding accomplishment! First thing that comes to mind,UMMMM I hate my JOB! Great, lets turn that into a positive, I SORTA HATE my JOB, LOL no! A real positive make the change today!

Join the rewarding and lucrative world of DENTISTRY!!

WHAT? Dentistry , are you saying I have bad breath, Maybe, No silly, I am saying lets look at rewarding well paying fields , HEALTHCARE, right! Yes, Healthcare is definitely in demand , but I don’t have time for multiple years of school let alone going every day I have to support myself and family, RELAX!! AAA SoDA has the remedy, 90 DAYS you’re DONE! HUH? Yes 90 DAYS you’re done, meaning you can start now and in the beginning of 2018 DONE! New career, New Life, everything YOU WANT!! Its only TWO or ONE day a week for Training and you start the most AMAZINGLY REWARDING CAREER you’ve ever known!! 


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