Are You Tired of Living Paycheck to Paycheck?

I am so sick of living Paycheck to Paycheck! Every 2 weeks this small amount of money enters my account. Oh and when my employers are late with the direct deposit, or my check falls on a weekend, overdraft, late fees, cell phone turned off!! Now I owe the Bank, and Cell phone company money that I don’t have, but have to pay, because I can’t live with out my phone and I need my bank account for my direct deposit! I swear no matter how hard I try to stay afloat, forget even getting ahead , I know that isn’t possible, STOPPP!!!

paycheck to paycheckThis was me, this was me for a long, long time, and it was madness. I thought there is no way I can continue to live like this, there has to be another way. To my delight there was, and the best part is I found out it was something I truly love to do! Helping people, Yup, helping people was how I got out of the madness of barley getting by in my JOB ( Just Over Broke).

I know that whenever I was able to help someone, it was a rewarding feeling, and it’s mutual!

The people I helped were grateful, and I knew my help was truly meaningful to their life, and to me that was amazing! Something I did, truly changed another persons life, so I thought, how can I do this every day? I started looking into healthcare, and all I saw was school for multiple years, and there was no way I could do that, and still support my family. Then I came across this FaceBook post, AAA SoDA, at first I didn’t know what it was, but I saw a video of a group of people smiling and having fun.

To my surprise, they were training to become Dental assistants, I thought dental assistants, I could do that, and they help people all day and it’s a one on one experience in a team environment that’s truly gratifying. I could put a smile on peoples faces all day, and they will know my name, and probably become my friend after I help them! The best part is I’ll do this with a team, yes there is more of me in one building! It’s like all day helping, and being help, like who could ask for a better situation, and the weird thing is, these people are being paid for all this fun help!

So after I day dreamed, I decided to take the plunge and look more into this AAA SoDA, to find out how to start.

Come to find out it’s only 90 Days and the schedule was only Two or one day a week and they offered night and weekend training, it was too good to be true! I called these liars to find out about this, because there was no way it’s true, I got on the phone with a Team member, and they were so helpful, I was like here we go with the help, I was hooked! I went in to meet with their coaches and watch the current team in training for their new life and career change, and guess what?

They were all having fun helping each other reach their goals! I thought to me self, (actually I said it aloud) I have to be apart of this now! Fast forward 90 days, I’m now in my career, that only 90 days ago I found out about, and I LOVE IT!! Not only am I able to help people everyday, I no longer worry about living paycheck to paycheck , I can actually save my money and that also feels amazing! 

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