The Traditional College Dream All LIES!

Is the traditional College Dream All Lies, Or Is It Still Alive and Well?

The Time has finally Arrived, It’s what all your parents have waited for…

Choosing what College to invest Four Plus years of your LIFE and $40,000 Plus Dollars in DEBT…

Yaayy!! Sounds like a phenomenal time for a 18-year-old who has no idea what they want to be in

Yet, Here we GO!

So You find a College you “like” (you were accepted & your financial aid covers some of the tuition) So you hop in the car and off you go with your Family..

Three and half hours later you arrive in a new city, where you don’t know a soul and no place to live, Things are really looking up!

You step on campus, the buildings are massive and there are Tens of Thousands of people frantically walking around to see this enormous University in one Hour…

All the while your tour guide can’t wait until he’s done with your group to move to the next and  finish his day..

Sounds super personal huh?

One Hour Later, You’re choosing your Major, Biomedical Science, Engineering, Computer Science, Biology, Business, all sounds extremely interesting!!

Great! You’re all excited about your major choice, and think your upcoming Year is going to focused on your Major…WRONG!!

You are now bombarded with “undergrad requirements” that if not passed, your Core Classes will never see the light of day!!

Yes, DON’T PASS GO AND DON’T COLLECT $200 (Monopoly Phrase LOL)

Lets stop, Overall educating yourself is an invaluable skill, and college is a phenomenal experience , (whatever you make of it).

But why can’t we learn what we want to learn, I mean we are paying for it, RIGHT!

Why do we have to learn information that’s not relevant to our Goals, and Ultimately we are not going to pay attention so we fail, and the class is so large that  none of the Professors will provide adequate attention…

AHHHHH!!!!! All I want to do Is succeed and start my Career as fast as possible!!!! Why Does No ONE See THIS!!!


We feel Your Frustration, and we have the solution you are asking for…

Yes, We have it for you, and it’s everything you every wanted!

It’s only learning what’s Necessary to achieve your Goal, and Start Your Career!

It’s a super Engaging Hands-On EXPERIENCE!

You Make new Friends who are on the same path as you..

YES, YES, YES, and one more YES!

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